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I feel so blessed to have so many shining, delightful and wondrous people contribute to this magazine. In order for you to get to know them a little better, each month I will interview one of our columnists. Our first interview is with someone I met online many years ago, perhaps even fourteen years ago when my first child was young and we were living on the island of Pohnpei in the Federated States of Micronesia, a twenty-two hour flight from our home in Maine. Pohnpei is a small tropical island  that is referred to as the garden of paradise for it is lush with passion fruit, mango, guava, coconuts, banana, black pepper, limes, calamansi and fish, oh the fish!

It was my husbands work drafting legislation for fledgling democracies that brought us to Pohnpei and there we found ourselves as new parents in this jungle paradise with a small child. I knew I wanted a Waldorf education for him as I had experienced glimpse of Waldorf education through friends with older children in Waldorf schools. When I began to ask around if anyone knew of Waldorf education, the answer was no.

Thus began my experience with e groups and internet. I joined Nancy and Bob’s e group which was called The Saint John’s List and is still in existence. I believe it the oldest running Waldorf e group devoted to parents and questions of Waldorf education. Nancy Parsons,  is our Book Review Editor. She and her husband Bob Lathe run Waldorf Books. They also translate Rudolf Steiner’s work  and bring us the current translation of The Foundations of Human Experience. as well as wear many, many fascinating hats in life, in parenting, now grandparenting and in Waldorf education and in Anthroposophy. That story is for Nancy’s interview………

Today I am working diligently to transcribe the interview I was fortunate to do with Marsha Johnson who is better known as  Mrs. M to thousands of Waldorf  homeschoolers. Mrs. M spent a lovely afternoon with me and  shared how she came to support Waldorf homeschoolers some fifteen years ago when Waldorf Homeschooling was not considered possible. We have come along way in those fifteen years and it is because of Mrs. M’s clarity, courage and willingness to meet the people who found her that countless families have experiencd Waldorf education in the home. It is a gem I look forward to sharing with you.

Please do leave any questions you may have for Mrs. M in the comment section.






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  1. Marie says:

    Love Mrs. M too!

    Can you give a link to the St. John’s List? I’m always looking for more sources to help us our with our Waldorf-inspired homeschooling. Thanks!

  2. Trhiah says:

    Is this photo of mrs.m?

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