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With Waldorf education, so much is about how we bring work to children, what is our intention in bringing this to the child. Beginning with a verse helps convey the mood that the adult is carrying within, in bringing the learning material, to the child.


Opening verse for handwork:

May […]

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Before learning to knit, I treat the children to a story. The story sets the stage for their knitting skills, puts them in a listening place, and allows for a “sleeping.” In other words, they take in information from the story, let it rest for a day or two, and then we proceed with knitting.


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 OOOO Materials Needed

To make one pair of knitting needles:
~ one 1/2 inch wooden dowel to cut into 2 ten inch lengths
~ a bead for the top of each
~ sandpaper
~ glue
~ a small chunk of beeswax and a cloth rag for […]

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Knitting is central to first grade handwork in the Waldorf curriculum. It is often the focus of handwork for the entire  year. While knitting is hand work and productive work, it also fosters thinking and nourishes brain development through hand movement. It is said that Knitting Begets Thinking.

We begin our with a […]

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This article is from Marsha Johnson of the Ask Mrs. M column which will debut in May with an interview with Marsha Johnson. Marsha also hosts a lively Yahoo discussion group on Waldorf Homeschooling that can be found here.

Please send her your questions on Waldorf Homeschooling. […]

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Easter eggs can be fun to dye, paint and decorate. Often we end up with more eggs than we know what to do with. Here are some ideas for using hard boiled eggs.

Egg Salad Sandwich with tapenade (black olive paste)

chop the eggs, add a little mayonnaise that has a dab of mustard stirred […]

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Earth Day is Every Day!

On April 22, 2011 By

Let’s remember to make every single day Earth day. We live in relationship with the earth and her rhythms. What are some things we can do with our children to nurture our relationship to Mother Earth and her rhythms as well as to care for her?


1. Approach life with awe and wonder. Stop […]

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Inner Easter

On April 21, 2011 By

What I write and teach through the Inner Year are suggestions for you to consider as you shape your active inner life. Use my suggestions your way.

It’s Spring and It’s Easter. It’s the time to imagine new life and lasting love.

Spring seems fleeting in its newness. Easter seems eternal in its love. Together […]

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My Dear Readers,

Oh how it smells like spring! Damp and moist and green and lush. The crab apple tree is about to burst forth with blossoms. The bleed hearts are all a glory and the valerian flower buds are beginning to swell. The nettles are tall and ready for eating and drying, not flowering […]

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Most Beautiful Easter Eggs!

On April 18, 2011 By


For the better part of 40-something years, I’ve been a PAAS girl, getting that indelible green dye everywhere and writing crooked names with the invisible crayon, but three years ago I was saved. A friend sent me a link to a fantastic blog with an article, Continue Reading