From the monthly archives: November 2011

Advent Spiral

On November 30, 2011 By

Last Winter, my family participated in our first Advent Spiral with our Waldorf-inspired homeschool group. It was an exquisite experience and we looked forward to participating again this year. When we learned we would not be available to attend the group’s 2011 Spiral, at first we were sad, but then brightened at the idea of [...]

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The Sense of Movement ~ Part Two

On November 26, 2011 By

Last month hopefully it became apparent that the key concept for the sense of self-movement was sufficient time in the horizontal plane so that:

1) spatial orientation is well grounded (the body’s internal map)

2) the crawling stage evolves easily, leading to proper stimulation for brain development and eventually an upright human being, [...]

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Children and their families come together the world over in Waldorf communities to celebrate Martinmas with a lantern walk under the starry night sky on November 11th each year. This tradition originated in Europe and has continued here in the US and been taken up around the world. 

We meet just after sundown at the [...]

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