How do you or I experience the Spiritual World at the midnight hour of the soul’s year?

The veils that separate and obscure our individual interaction with the Hierarchies thin, even lift, at this time in the Cosmic Year. With the veils lifted, we might see Star-like Imaginations that lead us to where we can experience the birth of our own Christ Consciousness. We might hear the joyful Inspirations of the Heavenly Host awakening us from our earthly sleep and guiding us to the manger within our own hearts. We might feel the great Intuitions for the future of mankind that spring forth in surprising, unexpected deeds of personal courage and devotion.

This cosmic reality can only be experienced in the soul that is willing to be vulnerable and transparent like an innocent newborn. A newborn does not conform. A newborn wonders.

The Holy Nights are not a social time of social meaning (that comes at Pentecost). The Holy Nights are the time of deepest earthly solitude for the soul. Our experience is not found in relating to the other (even if the other is Steiner) but in relating to the Self. They are the time when the individual spirit recollects the midnight sun and sees into its own birth of I/Christ Consciousness. This inner activity of the individual is always attended by the very Beings that gave birth to the Human Being.

Reading Steiner can be an inspiration or a veil. If you are reading anything that creates an appearance, then it is a veil hiding your soul from the Spiritual World.

If you take a single sentence, paragraph, or verse of Steiner’s and use it to open up your soul to itself, you are using Steiner’s heart wisdom to know yourself. Use the verse, admonition or description as a source of 12 different perspectives (one each Holy Night) on your inner life, your sense of being human and becoming I. Oh, how the Spiritual Beings will embrace the new you that you give birth to through your creative meditations during the Holy Nights.

Not even Steiner can tell you what your 12 perspectives are.

For years I have gathered with others for the Holy Nights, first in Princeton, NJ, then at the NY Branch, and I look forward to gathering with my new anthroposophical community in North Carolina this year. Presentations, activities, singing, food, warm conversation, all filled with Christmas Spirit, have been and will be enjoyed and appreciated. But this is not the inner experience of the Holy Nights.

The Holy Nights are an inner activity leading to an inner experience.

This will be the eighth Holy Nights that I have sent out the Inner Christmas messages via the internet. Thousands of people around the world read the messages. You can read the messages from last year here.

The Inner Christmas messages are not the inner work of the Holy Nights. Each message has a topic, a creative exploration of the topic, and a number of questions to consider around the topic as a way to find your individual relationship to the topic and clarifying, liberating perspective on yourself. The messages are not definitive, they are encouraging. Reading the messages is not the experience of the Holy Nights. They are invitations or gateways into the Holy Nights.

The Holy Nights are a cosmic experience that can only be experienced within your own soul. They are YOUR Holy Nights.

You can join the Inner Christmas mailing list here, if you would like to recieve the messages.

You can also seek inspiration from William Bento’s brilliant understanding of the wisdom of the stars during th Holy Nights in his Holy Nights’ Journal found here.

Lynn Jericho

Lynn Jericho writes, teaches, mentors, counsels and guides from a wisdom inspired by Waldorf Education and Rudolf Steiner. Known for her warmth and creativity, she makes sense of the complexities of the developing soul. Her Inner Christmas messages are read by more than 8000 people around the world and her book, Six Ways to Celebrate Christmas and Celebrate You, brings new understanding to the cosmic, social and personal meanings of the holiday.  Lynn was a cofounder of a birthing center and a pioneer parent of the Waldorf School of Princeton. Her newest adventure is being a grandmother. To learn more bout her work, here.



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