October 31 :: Halloween

Treats for You

Today we are conjuring up some Halloween fun for you with stories from the past and some inspiration for the days when the veils between the worlds are thin.

These days of celebration are tonight, tomorrow and the next day: All Hallow’s Eve, All Saints Day’, All Souls’ Day and Day of the Dead. We might call it a time for the ancestors or a reckoning between the two worlds, of life and death, or dark and light of good and evil.

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Send Pictures

Do you like to make your own costumes? Do you often revert to the comfortable and easy ghost, princess or pirate costume from the play clothes dress up corner because the one you planned and worked one for all these weeks in uncomfortable, too hot or somehow not just right? Send us your pictures, of the costumes you planned, the costumes you are likely to wind up with and any ideas you wish to share with others to help make Halloween go smoothly. Include a link and we’ll share them with  our community here at The Wonder of Childhood with a link back toy you.         


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