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Your ad on The Wonder of Childhood  supports a free online magazine that provides articles and recordings of interest and support to vibrant community of people who value the handmade and homemade,  natural and seasonal living, homemaking, homeschooling , and all aspects of Waldorf education.

You’re ad will reach  parents, teachers, prospective teachers and members of a broad and growing worldwide community.

Our readers include:

  • Parents of young children and older children
  • Parents exploring Waldorf education
  • Parents homeschooling with Waldorf education
  • Parents unschooling
  • Parents homeschooling with other kinds of education
  • Parents of children in Waldorf school
  • Parents of children in public school
  • Waldorf school teachers
  • LifeWays Care Providers
  • Public school teachers
  • Pre-school teachers
  • Child care providers
  • Waldorf teachers in training
  • Those considering teacher training

Advertising is a great opportunity to reach those who may be looking for you and what you have to offer and to support the existence of this magazine.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of The Wonder of Childhood, send an e-mail with a link back to your website to: reserves the right to reject advertisements solely at our discretion and is under no obligation to accept any advertisement.



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