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Waldorf Home Educators

Waldorf inspired educational information, methods, artistic ideas, and pragmatics, sharing spiritual insights and practical advice with others. An outgrowth of the Shining Star School’s Suns and Moons home school program, located in Portland, Oregon, and founded in 2003.

Waldorf Home Based Programs

This discussion group is a place to share questions, ideas, inspiration and challenges for those who are actively offering home based programs to the public such as childcare, nursery, preschool, kindergarten out of a Waldorf/Anthroposophy impulse in a home based setting.

Waldorf Early Childhood ~ Bringing it Home

This group is for parents and those who care for young children and wish to bring a nourishing and juicy living anthroposophical perspective on parenting and education to the children in their lives, in our homes. Topics include daily life with children, parenting, child development, crafts, creating a home, homesteading, circle, curriculum, cooking with children, rhythm in the home, all aspects of caring for children in the rhythm of life. This is no place for rigid thinking and dusty cobwebs.

Waldorf Kindergarten Afternoons

The group explores topics for afternoon kindergarten teachers in Waldorf school or homes. The goal of this group is to address how to create a smooth transition into the rest, rhythm, repetition and play of afternoon time. We also want to support and encourage building sustainable and genuine Afternoon Programs in Waldorf Schools.

Waldorf Birth to Four

This group has been created for parents, teachers and child care providers who are working with the very youngest children, from birth to four who are interested in the healing art of Waldorf education and other healing methods such as R.I.E./Pikler and Attachment Theory. The intent of this group is to provide a forum for questions, suggestion, inspiration, challenges, support and sharing.

Waldorf Kindergarten Teachers

This group is open to Waldorf/Steiner Kindergarten and Early Childhood Teachers and those enrolled in Waldorf Steiner Training to become a teacher. Share ideas from your class for circle, projects, stories and the like. Support one another as peers as we strive to better ourselves and our teaching methods.

Waldorf Northeast – CLOSED

Our primary group purpose is to serve the Waldorf inspired community residing in the Northeast U.S. region – specifically Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania by providing a vehicle for personal networking, as well as for promoting and learning about events, activities and initiatives happening in this region.


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