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By Renee Gaul

I am sometimes asked what we do for kindergarten, what curriculum we use, etc…

I have been intending for a while now to write a post sharing some of our favorite Waldorf books and resources. And since my youngest child will be turning 7 in just a couple […]

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Rhythm in the Early Years

On June 2, 2011 By


                                                                                           Photograph by Sheila Jennings

The child is very much […]

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How to Make a Coloring Pad

On June 1, 2011 By

Wednesday is Our Coloring Day

When you consider Mercury what comes to mind? Liquid? Gas? Colors? Temperature? Hermes was the messenger god, consider him. Transformation? Carry the question through your day and see what arises. Moms, do you color? When was the last time you sat down for fifteen minutes and focused on your drawing? […]

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For those of you who are new to homeschooling, congratulations! You are embarking on a grand adventure which will bring growth to you and your entire family. Homeschooling is exciting and liberating in so many ways, the parent sets the tone, creates the environment, organizes the calender, chooses the […]

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Today I am excited to bring you an interview with Nancy Parsons and a  Give Away from Nancy Parsons and Bob Lathe of Waldorf Books.

Nancy writes the Book Review Column for The Wonder of Childhood and co-manages the oldest online discussion group on […]

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An Introduction and a Lesson in Mango Math

I didn’t always know I wanted to homeschool my children.  To be honest, I hadn’t given theireducation much thought.  But once my twin girls arrived and we began attachment parenting, the bond that formed was so intense that teaching them at home […]

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