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I told you there were a few new features to the magazine this month and one of them is Give-Aways. On the week ends, there will be a Give-Away on the BLOG. The winner will be announced here too, later in the week.

We have many sweet treats in store for you and we’ll begin with this one because it is the most timely. Lynn Jericho has generously offered ONE place in her upcoming workshop for parents Sunshine and Shadows which begins Thursday. Lynn writes The Inner Parenting column for The Wonder of Childhood. Lynn’s work is gentle inspiring and empowering. Her work is inspired by Waldorf education and Rudolf Steiner. This teleseminar/webinar is designed specifically for parents.

For an interview with Lynn Jericho that I did last year at Rhythm of the Home:

For Lynn’s website:


A Guide to Parenting Your Child’s Soul While Healing Yours!



A teleseminar/webinar for parents concerned with their child’s inner development based on the principles of Waldorf Education. This program will also help the compassionate parent find ways to heal their own inner life while learning how to protect and cultivate their child’s soul.
3-40 minute sessions with time for questions
sessions are recorded and available for downloading and relistening
supporting materials in pdf form.


1PM Eastern


May 19, 25, June 1

topics covered:

The Three Functions of the Soul
An Understanding of Karma
De-Dramatizing and De-Idealizing
The Victim Perpetrator Dilemma
The Five Soul Wounds
The Seven Soul Blessings


To enter the Give Away, please SUBSCRIBE to The Wonder of Childhood in the blue box all the way down on this page and SHARE this page on your FaceBook page. enter a COMMENT below with the link that you shared. The winner will be randomly selected on Wednesday May 18th and announced here on this very Blog page.

Good luck!



The Winner is…..Tosca!

I will e-mail you with details!

Thank you  all for participating in our very first Give Away!

Check back soon for another great Give Away!




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19 Responses to Give~Away from Lynn Jericho

  1. Nina bell says:

    I already subscribe and shared the link, happily, on FB. I ooper-dooper-shmooper hope I win. Ive been wanting to do Sunshine and Shadows for sometime now but it hasnt been in the budget.****keeping fingers crossed***
    Magdalene Mama

  2. danga rach says:

    I shared the addy on my facebook and subscribed. =)

  3. liza says:

    Ooooh- I was planning on doing the seminar already- this would make it happen for sure! I already subscribed and just shared/posted to FB. Thanks for the opportunity.


  4. Kristin Lambert says:

    I am already a subscriber and I shared the giveaway link on my Facebook wall. I am unsure how to share the link that I shared as requested above. Thank you for the fabulous giveaway. This would be so nourishing for our family!

  5. Michele says:

    how do I share the link?

    I’m going to try posting it in the box on FB. Hope that’s what will work!

  6. Kara says:

    I’m already a happy subscriber :-) Thank you for the chance!

  7. Alida says:

    I’m planning to homeschool again this year and this just sounds like the perfect foundation:) Keeping my fingers crossed. The link is up!

  8. Lisa says:

    I just subscribed and am excited to check my inbox for some very valuable information!

  9. Pam says:

    Sounds like an awesome webinar! Already a subscriber and loving it!

  10. Sandra M says:

    I was already getting mails from you, but I don’t remember where I did subscribe to (maybe your FB page?), so I repeat :) And shared about this giveaway on my FB profile, as well –
    I would really love to win this one, I feel my shadows are not allowing sun to completely reach my child.

  11. Nichole says:

    I do not have a facebook page! BUT, I sure would hope to be included anyway! I try to stay as focused as I can, and FB would be a distraction. Please, please let me win! I sure could use this inner work. I have struggled the last 6 years to bring things into balance, and I feel very close to a breakthrough. Harvest. I am sure Lynn Jericho’s teachings will be the light within my shadow. Many Thanks!

  12. Kristen Alyn says:

    Subscribed and added this link into my share on FB. I have loved everything I have discovered at your site over the past few months. Thank you!


  13. Tosca says:

    What a wonderful opportunity. Thank you Lisa and Lynn for offering this.

  14. Becca says:

    Oh how I would enjoy this program! Subscribed & shared on facebook!/Mama.Becca

  15. Rebecca Hill says:

    I’ve enjoyed several of her programs in the past. This one sounds wonderful! Thanks for the opportunity!

  16. Nina bell says:

    So who won?!!!!!!

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