Dear Friends,

The passing of time is said to be the greatest healer of all, but what if our pain is not resolved with only the passing of time? What more do we need to move through the trauma of our lives and fully be human, fully stand in what it means to be human, for ourselves and for our children?

Lynn Jericho’s Op Ed piece┬átakes us on the journey and offers some substance to chew on in these days of loss and pain and confusion that many of us are experiencing following the news of Sandy Hook.

Ironically, or quite fittingly my Interview with Christine Schreier delves into the role of the doll in the life of the child and give us a picture of the importance of play and play that is the imitation of life. We can learn about ourselves and the picture of the world that we bring to children in watching the children. Is empathy present? Were we parented with empathy? How can we heal ourselves and bring empathy to our children and each other?

These two women offer us the soothing balm of wisdom in what they bring to the conversations we may be have within or perhaps with others. It is my hope that they bring some healing, peace and possibility to you.

Warmth and love to you all,



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