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With Waldorf education, so much is about how we bring work to children, what is our intention in bringing this to the child. Beginning with a verse helps convey the mood that the adult is carrying within, in bringing the learning material, to the child.


Opening verse for handwork:

May […]

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Before learning to knit, I treat the children to a story. The story sets the stage for their knitting skills, puts them in a listening place, and allows for a “sleeping.” In other words, they take in information from the story, let it rest for a day or two, and then we proceed with knitting.


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 OOOO Materials Needed

To make one pair of knitting needles:
~ one 1/2 inch wooden dowel to cut into 2 ten inch lengths
~ a bead for the top of each
~ sandpaper
~ glue
~ a small chunk of beeswax and a cloth rag for […]

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Knitting is central to first grade handwork in the Waldorf curriculum. It is often the focus of handwork for the entire  year. While knitting is hand work and productive work, it also fosters thinking and nourishes brain development through hand movement. It is said that Knitting Begets Thinking.

We begin our with a […]

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Still “trailing clouds of glory,” First Graders enter the Waldorf classroom with great expectations. If they have gone to a Waldorf Kindergarten before coming to Grade One, then they are not yet writing or reading, and their arithmetic skills may be limited to some simple counting. Not having had academic subjects forced upon them in their […]

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