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Donuts for Breakfast

On August 4, 2011 By

Well…..sort of.


Not really.

Certainly not those sticky gluten laden greasy globs sold at gas stations. (That could be a fun tongue twister with the kids though!)

No, the donuts that I had this morning were Donut Peaches  – organic and fresh off the tree […]

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On July 1, 2011 By

It’s summertime! Time for sunny beaches, cool running rivers, crashing waves and getting out the garden hose. Summer is the time when we become the most aware of, and celebrate our most precious resource…. WATER!

For years I would remember to water my plants in the heat of summer, but I would […]

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It both nourishes us and nurtures us.

It is essential for human life.

It interacts with all of our senses and can provide profound comfort and deep pleasure.

It is intimately connected to our emotions, our health, our ethnicity, our religion, and our culture, as well as politics, economics and even the environment.

When […]

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