~ this eCourse is taught by Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie, editor of The Wonder of Childhood 

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Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed when you think about planning your homeschooling year
Is Waldorf education something you are striving to understand more deeply?
Are you wondering where to start? what’s right for you? and how to pull it all together?

Would you like some help?

I’m here to help YOU.

Get Organized :: Sketch it Out! is an online planning class that is designed to walk you through sketching out your year.

I’ve been planning Waldorf homemaking and homeschooling years for twenty years and I love to plan!

In the summer of 2012, I decided to share my passion for planning and began offering Get Organized :: Sketch it Out!

In this six week step -by-step online class, I’ll guide you to explore the rhythm of the year in the context of planning your year. We’ll look at why planning through the lens of the year is important. You will sketch out your year and create a plan to guide you through the year with homemaking and homeschooling.

This course is helpful for:

-Waldorf Homeschoolers
-Waldorf Homemakers
-Waldorf Teachers
-Waldorf Childcare Providers
-Lifeways Childcare Providers
-Anyone who wants more rhythm in their life

Get Organized :: Sketch it Out includes:

Support and guidance through the process of planning your year.
-A series of steps that if followed will sketch out your plan for the year
-Sample Main Lesson Block Rotations for Grades 1-8
-My Favorite Resources for Teaching Grades 1-8
-Planning your Waldorf kindergarten in the home
-Plenty of support for homemaking with a Nursery aged child
-An emphasis on incorporating movement, speech, storytelling, song and music, drawing, painting, modeling, handwork and drama into your lessons.
-Re-run in January 2019
Access to Course including All Lessons and Materials
-Weekly Roundtable Discussion with experienced Waldorf homemakers and homeschoolers, including Carrie Dendtler of The Parenting Passageway, Amanda Evans, Waldorf homeschooling mom and Denice Scott, of We Learn by Heart, also known as Ommama
Guest Speakers  include Connie Manson of Starlite Puppets, Howard Schrager of LemonTree Press, and Lynn Jericho of Imagine Self

I bring:

-Over two decades of homeschooling and homemaking
-A strong grasp of the Waldorf curriculum
-A love of Waldorf education
-Experience using many types of resources
-A love for working with parents

“Lisa has helped me see Waldorf that homeschooling and homemaking reflect the rhythm of the year. This has changed my relationship to rhythm and homeschooling. It makes being at home so much easier.”

“I LOVE Lisa’s planning course, I do it every time she offers it and each time it helps me. She shares so many little details about Waldorf education that help me sooo much.”

“Lisa’s planning class helps me understand so much about Waldorf and myself, (I didn’t expect that) I know now, from doing it that Waldorf homeschooling and homemaking can be done in a way that fits our family.”

“I sketched out my entire childcare year with Lisa’s planning class. That gave me time to prepare for storytelling and crafts. I recommend this course to all childcare providers.”

“Lisa is so knowledgable and experienced with Waldorf education. She helped me figure out how to homeschool my children. She is an amazing resource.”

“Lisa is a midwife through and through, with gentle guidance, she helped me see my strength and encouraged me to create a plan that is unique to my child and family. She helped me feel like I can do it. I am doing it!”


no fee for Year Round Members of Celebrate the Rhythm of Life ~ living curriculum program




~ frequently asked questions

What do I need for this eCourse?

You need online access.

How much time do I need to spend online each day?

Daily check in for 5-15 minutes is ideal.

What if I skip a day or several days?

That is fine, just go back at your pace and check in on the days you missed.

Do I need to be available or online at any specific times?

No. If you can check in once a day, for 5-15 minutes, that is plenty. The Roundtable Discussions, Guest Speakers and Weekly Coaching Calls are recorded for you to listen to at your convenience.

Can I sign up anytime?

Yes, you’re welcome to join anytime and work through the six steps anytime, at your own pace.

Is there a benefit to joining during the summer session?

Yes, I will be actively in the course hands on guiding you along for the six week session in the summer.

Is there a re-run during the year?

Yes, in January I will walk you through the six steps in three weeks.

Will I be invited to next year’s Get Organized :: Sketch it Out online class?

Yes, once you join the class you will be invited to return every summer to a new version of the class.

How long will I have access to this course?

You have access forever, indefinitely.

Is it all on one site? How easy is it to access?

It is all on a private site that is very easy to access and navigate.

Who sees the comments and discussions?

Only the members of the class.

Do I have to participate and comment each day?

Participation is voluntary and you are free to speak out or not. I notice that the more class members participate, the better the class is for everyone. The real work is in bringing the daily notes and suggestions into your day and applying them.

Do I have to be a Waldorf homeschooler, teacher or childcare provider to participate?

Not at all. Anyone who wishes to incorporate more Waldorf or more rhythm into their life will benefit from this planning course. It does provide a strong Waldorf foundation and will go deep into Waldorf homeschooling planning and at the same time can guide you through the planning of whatever curriculum or style of learning you embrace. The common thread is planning the year rhythmically and to bring subjects that are age appropriate, in a way that is developmentally appropriate.


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