Storytelling is an essential element of Waldorf early childhood programs. Nurseries and kindergarten children hear a story each day, sometimes the same story for several weeks,  often a nursery rhyme, folk or fairy tale reflecting the mood of the season. Sometimes a story is told with puppets and props. Materials used for storytelling puppets and props are often handmade from simple, natural fibers like wool and silk. This story apron and felted accompaniments are hand made by Lisa Grubbs. Lisa infused  this well loved summer ditty with the mood of autumn for children in her program and playgroups to enjoy and she shares with us an example of the care and work she brings to children and families. 


Over in the pumpkin patch in the cool Autumn Sun

Grows a Dear mother pumpkin and her little pumpkin one

Grow says the mother, I grow says the one

And they grow and they grow in the cool Autumn sun~


Over in the pumpkin patch is a stream so blue

Graze a dear mother cow and her little cows two

Moo says the mother, we moo say the two

So they mooed and the mooed by the stream so blue


Over in the pumpkin patch in the roots of a tree

Lives a Dear mother mouse and her little mice 3

Squeek says the mother, we squeek say the three

So they squeek and they squeek  in the roots of a tree


Over in the pumpkin patch is a hole for a door

Lives a Dear Mother Squirrel and her little squirrels four,

Gather says the mother, we gather say the four,

So they gather and they store in a hole for a door


Over in the pumpkin patch in a tree so high

Hangs a dear mother leaf and her little leaves five

Fall says the mother, we fall say the five

So they fall and they fall from a tree so high



Lisa Grubbs runs Clove Hill, an In-Home daycare and Parent/child program in a small cottage on a wooded acre of land in Colleyville, Texas.  She began her journey into Waldorf education before she was even aware of Waldorf.  It was a seed that was rooted in her as a child and would surface occasionally throughout her life until the time was ripe. Lisa began her Waldorf teacher training at The Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, Ca. in 2007. She carried the knowledge back to Dallas where she began her work to bring more awareness of Waldorf education to the area by offering free community puppet shows and handwork gatherings to families and their children. Her passion is her family, children, teaching, learning, creating, gardening, exploring, music and traveling to far away places. You can follow Lisa and her work through the Meetup boards below as well as through her website.

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