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Last week, I was asked to hold a workshop for middle school children and their parents.  The agenda included a listening exercise, an improvisation game, and a quick bullet-point presentation on how intuitive storytelling helps us find the present moment.  I was excited about it.  I see the middle […]

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Attention, Affection, Approach and Allowance.

These are the four pillars of Intuitive Storytelling – and what do they all have in common?

The letter A. Alpha.

The sound of openness.

In Eurythmy – the art developed in collaboration […]

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What is Sparkle Stories?

Sparkle Stories is a new site with audio stories for children ages 3 to 10. We offer 4 delightful story series: stories about fairy magic in So Many Fairies, animal adventures in Junkyard Tales, as well as tales of the day-to-day explorations of the much-adored Martin […]

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In the middle of an intuitive storytelling workshop for the Camp Glenbrook staff of roughly fifty councilors, CIT’s and other staff members, I demonstrated an ‘impasse’ in a story, where it was unclear what the central character should do next.  I used the first pillar of Intuitive Storytelling, ‘Attention’ and […]

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By David Sewell McCann

My eldest son was sitting stiffly in the dentist’s chair looking a little pale. The hygienist had just ticked through what was about to unfold and my boy wanted no part of it. He wished to be brave, however, and he locked his eyes on me and asked, “Can you […]

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Do it Yourself Storytelling for the Modern Parent

We all need stories.  We seek them everywhere and all the time.  From conversations about our day to surfing the net, we find ourselves attracted to the stories that bring the deepest connection and understanding to our life.  Stories are fundamental to our personal and […]

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