” A healthy social life arises when the whole community
finds its reflection in the mirror of person’s soul,
and when the virtue of each person
lives in the whole community.”

~ Rudolf Steiner


A very warm welcome to you!

Here you will find yourself enveloped in warmth and sustenance. Make yourself a cup of tea and settle in for a visit.:::::::::

When we take a moment to turn off the distractions, step out of the fray, and just wonder, open and receptive, to be fully present, within ourselves, with our children, with each other, with education, with how we live, we can perceive the world around us with greater clarity and deeply experience that pulse of the rhythm of the year, of the day, of the earth and all her children: the minerals, the plants, the animals and the humans. We can deepen our connections to the days, weeks and seasons of the year by being still, noticing and celebrating what is before us, behind us, above us, below us, through food, story, song and meaningful work and by coming together. This magazine offers itself as a place for sharing the journey.
The Wonder of Childhood Magazine welcomes  articles from the community.  If you feel drawn tothe flavor of the magazine and would like to contribute to it, please take the leap and give us a holler.
 The Wonder of Childhood arose from a desire to bring together parents, teachers, child care providers, homeschoolers and others who seek a deeper connection with other  who walk this path, to share and celebrate this work, as parents, as teachers, as homeschoolers, as community, as a global community, to recognize and support the sense of wonder in childhood.

Contributors include long time teachers and teachers of teachers as well as parents, some of whom are now grandparents as well as young parents who are just starting out on this journey. I hope to spark wonder, conversation , sharing and connection here, and explore questions and concerns in a warm, lively environment. All voices are welcome.

The Wonder of Childhood is published each month. It is free and available to all. We welcome your comments and contributions.

Over on Celebrate the Rhythm of Life through the Year, I lead a group online program to nourish wonder and rhythm within ourselves, our homes and our communities, as hearth tenders who practice the gentle art of mothering.


Submissions of articles and photographs are welcomed.

Are you a blogger, a homeschooler? a teacher? photographer? picture taker? a student? a stay at home mom who’d love to write and share her experience? stay home dad? a crafter? a nature lover? an old timer with stories to tell? do you have memories of life before television? Please give a holler via e-mail to wondereditor(at)yahoo.com and we’ll discuss how we might bring form to your contribution.

If you have an idea or vision for an article, a recipe, a project or your musing, please send us a note with a brief description of the article you’d like to submit.We’re seeking  topics that are relevant to the month or season as well as general topics of childhood and parenting and natural living. I’m always on the lookout for delicious recipes with enticing images in the Luscious Lunches to Pack and Family Suppers columns.

The Nature Table Column welcomes images from all over the world. We’re welcoming  Nature Table photos now and will link them back to your site, if you have one to share.

Article length ranges is from 0 to 2,500 words. Photographs are welcomed. Deadline for submission of ideas is the first of the month prior to publication date. The article is due on the fifteenth of the month prior to publication.


Sponsorship is a great opportunity to reach those who may be looking for you and what you have to offer and to support the existence of this magazine and the community it supports. This is a free publication and we depend on your support to keep it going.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of The Wonder of Childhood,  send an e-mail to:  wondereditor(at)yahoo.com

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