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Beauty and the Bento Box

On March 16, 2011 By


Creating beautiful, nourishing meals is a work of art.

Clearly, there is more to nourishing our bodies than the food we eat.

It is a soulful act.



Tending the […]

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It both nourishes us and nurtures us.

It is essential for human life.

It interacts with all of our senses and can provide profound comfort and deep pleasure.

It is intimately connected to our emotions, our health, our ethnicity, our religion, and our culture, as well as politics, economics and even the environment.

When […]

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Food for Thought, Thoughts on Food

On February 26, 2011 By

Farm, Garden and Grief

My story of growing up on a farm is a fairly typical one: chores, gardens, big machines, endless outdoor days doing everything and nothing, seasons cycling through births and deaths. Farmers seem to have an endless ability to accept the changeability of life with little complaint. Perhaps the weather trains them.


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