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Loving, Striving, Trust and Time

On September 1, 2011 By

Reflections on Cultivating Maternal Confidence


I have a small doll, made in the Waldorf tradition, of a spiritual teacher named Ammachi. Amma is a living saint from India, the Divine Mother incarnate, my spiritual mother. The doll was given to me as a birthday gift by my sister-in-law long before the children were […]

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In difficult times such as these with environmental disaster of almost unprecedented scale and concern about friends and others in Japan at the forefront of our thoughts, it is not easy to feel the goodness in life. In an external crisis, our urge is often to listen and see the news and to share our […]

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The internet buzz is palpable around  Liza Fox’s beautiful article Meaningful Work for Toddlers over at The Parenting Passageway.

Parents are loving the beautiful musing and practical list of chores to do with children and asking, okay how do I get my child to do […]

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Parenting Counter-Culture

On July 1, 2011 By

by Raelee Peirce

This morning my 5 year old’s eyes opened when I was standing by his bed.  He smiled and crawled out of the covers, took my hand and said, “Mama,” in his little croaky morning voice, “I love you.”  His arms wrapped around my neck; he wants nothing more […]

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In February of 2010, I came across this article posted on the SurLaLune blog and felt compelled to respond with a balancing point of view.

The original article, Is It Possible To Avoid The Princess Phase? by Shelley White was posted on the Parent Dish blog and can be found here:


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American society has come a long way in a relatively short time, just the past half century really, toward breaking down many of the destructive social stereotypes that have curtailed individual freedom for centuries. Many hard and even fatal battles have been fought to free society from racial and sexual prejudice and stereotype. At a […]

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I came to motherhood as a midwife who had the honor of attending births and witnessing mothering from the first tender moments. When I became a mother I trusted my intuition in guiding me along the path of mothering inspired by the wisdom I had gleaned along the way from other mothers including […]

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Rhythm in the Early Years

On June 2, 2011 By


                                                                                           Photograph by Sheila Jennings

The child is very much […]

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By Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie

I am delighted to introduce you to this new column, Parenting with Soul.

Soulful Parenting is about aligning our beliefs, our feelings and our actions. It is conscious, creative and dynamic, shifting to meet the situation at hand. It is about being the author of our life. Authentic author. Relaxed author. […]

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What is Inner Parenting All About?

On February 26, 2011 By

“I am truly happy and inspired to be part of Lisa’s magazine, The Wonder of Childhood and to be writing for a community of caring and creative parents.  Lisa, I celebrate your love for children and parents and all the wisdom and encouragement you provide through this magazine and your many […]

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