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The Gift of No

On July 1, 2011 By

Helene McGlauflin

The title of this piece may startle or surprise you. After all, few enjoy the limits and finality the word “no” implies. Could such a thing ever be considered a way to show favor toward someone, or to offer assistance, as the dictionary suggests a gift should be? In [...]

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In February of 2010, I came across this article posted on the SurLaLune blog and felt compelled to respond with a balancing point of view.

The original article, Is It Possible To Avoid The Princess Phase? by Shelley White was posted on the Parent Dish blog and can be found Continue Reading

Still “trailing clouds of glory,” First Graders enter the Waldorf classroom with great expectations. If they have gone to a Waldorf Kindergarten before coming to Grade One, then they are not yet writing or reading, and their arithmetic skills may be limited to some simple counting. Not having had academic subjects forced upon them in their [...]

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What is Inner Parenting All About?

On February 26, 2011 By

“I am truly happy and inspired to be part of Lisa’s magazine, The Wonder of Childhood and to be writing for a community of caring and creative parents.  Lisa, I celebrate your love for children and parents and all the wisdom and encouragement you provide through this magazine and your many [...]

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Fairy Tales in Waldorf Education

On February 26, 2011 By

An Overview

One of the reasons that the telling of fairy tales has fallen into such disrepute in the last fifty years or so, is that very few people know how or when to tell certain stories, what is appropriate to different ages and how the stories should be spoken.

Fairy tales for children under [...]

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