Time of expansion, of letting go, of reaching out and of being in nature. Mother Earth breathes out her expansive nenergy with blossoming and ripening of her plant fruits while Father Sun shines bright and hot upon us.

In this June issue,  Suzanne Down brings us some ideas for puppetry in nature during the summer. Have you got a special place that inspires you to tell stories?

Our favorite summer activities:

  • Camping in the backyard
  • Lazy days: sleeping late, staying up late
  • Day dreaming
  • Bonfires at night
  • Toasting marshmallows for S’mores
  • Berry picking and eating
  • Making ice cream (it’s really easy)
  • Getting wet to cool off in the sprinkler and slip and slide
  • The beach

Back at The Wonder of Childhood Magazine, we are working hard to bring you an Index by Subject so you can easily find the articles you want. Check it out here. We are also putting together and Index by Author. And lining up really great giveaways.

What will you do this summer? What are your favorite summer eats?

We’d love to hear from you.

Splendid summer wishes,



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