Hello October!

A warm welcome to our newest Sponsors here on The Wonder of Childhood and a welcome back to our old ones.

Balance in Childhood and Adolescence :: Practice of Connie Helms, Extra Lesson Teacher and more,  devoted to helping children and adults overcome learning and behavior challenges

Amanda Everse :: Website development and Technology Coaching

Meadowsweet Naturals :: Supplies for Waldorf schooling and Natural living at great prices, run by a homeschooling Mom

Fairy Tales :: A collection of beautiful stories for each season of the year by Christine Natale, Waldorf teacher

Red Moon School of Empowerment :: Coming of age made easy, Womanhood made richer

Sparkle Stories :: Stories to Light the Imagination, told by Waldorf teacher David Sewell McCann

Boys Alive :: A free online event for parents and teachers

Celebrating the Rhythm of Life with Children :: A process oriented program to support rhythm and celebration of daily living with children

Inner Life Work with Lynn Jericho :: Experience anthroposophy alive and focus on inner work


Won’t you visit our sponsors and learn about their offerings through the month?


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