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How do we allow the inner and outer to communicate, to find voice in the world? In light of the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook, one mother courageously shares her  daily struggle with her son, in  her post on The Blue Review, here is Liza Long’s I am Adam Lanza’s Mother .

How many mothers are struggling with boys who are out of control? Why so many boys? Why do boys disconnect and dissociate so much more often than girls? How do we awaken a boys connection to life, to the people in his life?

When I lived in Micronesia, it was the boys who were committing suicide at very high rates. Boys in a culture in which traditional canoe building and fishing to support a subsistence lifestyle were being supplanted by western style office jobs and a cash economy. Have they lost their connection to meaningful and purposeful work within the culture? How do we find empathy for the children and their families?

Lynn Jericho brings us on an exploration of the development of empathy as a path to healing beginning with empathy for ourselves and the process of maternal reveries beginning at birth in her Op Ed piece on Sandy Hook.

If you missed my Interview with Christine Schreier on Dolls and the Life of the Child, listen to it here.

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