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Ah, the mere thought of blueberries makes me pucker.These small dusky globes that grow so close to the ground pack a punch of flavor. The big Jersey berries full of sweetness and moisture, how they pop with goodness!

We are blessed with blueberry season unfurling right now.

This passion for blueberries has inspired me […]

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Oh do you know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man.

Oh do you know the muffin man who lives on Drury Lane?

Oh yes I know the muffin man, the muffin man, the muffin man.

Yes I know the muffin man who […]

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The internet buzz is palpable around  Liza Fox’s beautiful article Meaningful Work for Toddlers over at The Parenting Passageway.

Parents are loving the beautiful musing and practical list of chores to do with children and asking, okay how do I get my child to do […]

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A rich  stock makes a delicious and nourishing base for soup.


Chicken, with meat on the bone, whole, half or parts, the bones or carcass from a roasted chicken bring very rich flavor, a whole chicken makes a large pot of a full flavored broth with plenty of tasty meat to eat Garlic with the […]

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Tuesday is our soup day. The barley is soaking.Put on your aprons and set to work if you are making soup today:

Set out a cutting board, a knife or a julienne/crinkle cutter for each person and a bowl for the cut vegetables Wash the carrots and celery with the children Chop the onion, garlic, […]

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Rhythm in the Early Years

On June 2, 2011 By


                                                                                           Photograph by Sheila Jennings

The child is very much […]

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By Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie

I am delighted to introduce you to this new column, Parenting with Soul.

Soulful Parenting is about aligning our beliefs, our feelings and our actions. It is conscious, creative and dynamic, shifting to meet the situation at hand. It is about being the author of our life. Authentic author. Relaxed author. […]

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