Ah, the mere thought of blueberries makes me pucker.These small dusky globes that grow so close to the ground pack a punch of flavor. The big Jersey berries full of sweetness and moisture, how they pop with goodness!

We are blessed with blueberry season unfurling right now.

This passion for blueberries has inspired me to celebrate blueberries with you this week.Let’s begin with my favorite recipe for the very best blueberry muffins. Honest, they are. As a child growing up in Maine blueberry muffins were both a staple and a treat in our family.

Blueberries freeze easily and keep well when frozen.I like to freeze them in one cup with an eye balled measurement chez nous ~ yes, I know, with third grade upon us, it is time to bring out the instruments of measurement. I’m working on that.

Without further ado, come on over to The Wonder of Childhood and check out the muffin recipe and a little verse to accompany muffin making as we Celebrate Blueberries!

May your summer be filled with blueberry goodness,


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