Wednesday is Our Coloring Day

When you consider Mercury what comes to mind? Liquid? Gas? Colors? Temperature? Hermes was the messenger god, consider him. Transformation? Carry the question through your day and see what arises. Moms, do you color? When was the last time you sat down for fifteen minutes and focused on your drawing? If you do not have a drawing pad/notebook, get one and set aside fifteen minutes this week to sit and color. Make a color ring beginning with a circle of red, blue and yellow set equal distance apart from each other. Color them from the inside out, into each other, bring it to the edges of the paper. Play with it and see what happens.

(If you are making a Form Drawing Pad to use with giant sheets of penny paper, leave the paper open to see the entire first page)

If you have not made a coloring pad, try one out, it’s easy and makes good base for coloring with crayons. If you have not used beeswax crayons before, give them a try. You need only three, red, blue and yellow. Stockmar crayons are solid, with beeswax and lovely colors that blend well.

How to Make Coloring Pads

Materials needed:

Newspaper ~ the Sunday paper works well or two weekdays papers


Paper bag from the grocery store

Tape ~ I like 1 3/4″ inch masking tape best, if there is a choice, use what you have on hand

Cut down one side of the paper bag

Cut off the bottom

Put the print side up, put the newspaper in, tidy the newspaper so it is even and flat

Fold the paper bag over and wrap it up, like a gift

Hold it down

Tape the seam

Tape the ends (you see I am using thin masking tape, thicker 1 3/4″works with one strip)

Add some paper, this is 9″ x 12″

Add some crayons

Ready to color!


Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie is the Editor and Publisher of The Wonder of Childhood and has spent the past fifteen years with one of her own children in early childhood (under seven years of age.)  She worked with children and their families for the past twenty two years, initially as a homebirth midwife. Lisa’s home based program The Children’s Garden began twelve years ago on a remote tropical island in the Pacific Ocean. Lisa’s current focus is on supporting parents of very young children and exploring the needs of boys in relationship to Waldorf education and ways of implementing support for those needs within the Waldorf curriculum. She lives with her family in Vermont. Lisa blogs at Celebrate the Rhythm of Life and hosts a discussion groups for parents of young children here.

2 Responses to How to Make a Coloring Pad

  1. Hope Kawaja says:

    I recently made these for our family. What a neat experience to color on pads instead of the counter. Thank you so much. I would love any other instructions you could offer for coloring with children using the Waldorf traditions.


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