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It has been a long time, and Wonder is awakening from a nice, long, deeply restful sleep.

Pop over every now and then to check in on the wonder filled articles that await you here.

This message is a special little note from me about an upcoming opportunity that is wonder filled and enables you to create wonder with ease and confidence through storytelling.

As you may know, storytelling is very much at the heart of the Waldorf curriculum, from the first simple folk tales through elaborate fairy tales, to the  myths of the grade school child. It is also a very ancient and very human gift, the gift to tell  stories. We all do it. The ability to tell a story that is rich and nourishing is a wonder-filled gift that can be developed through experience, exposure and practice.

If you’ve been longing to tell stories and develop your skills with music and puppets and it all feels so big – there is a wonderful opportunity to join master storyteller, puppeteer and Waldorf kindergarten teacher Connie Manson at Sunbridge Institute this summer, from July 12-15, to develop your storytelling with music and puppetry. Connie is a wonderful teacher and offers so much wisdom in a warm, creative, practical and hands on manner. I’m sharing this because Connie was my teacher and continues to inspire me to try new approaches to storytelling and I love to watch her work develop and reach more people.

You can see Connie in the video below and learn more about the July 12-15 workshop here. It’s open to parents, teachers, and anyone interested in develop their storytelling.

Warm regards and happy summer wishes to you!


Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie, Editor





One Response to Develop Your Storytelling, Music and Puppetry Skills

  1. Jzin says:

    Thank you! I enjoyed reading this article. I love the video. Connie’s voice is so soothing and musical, the puppets are so charming, everything is so magical – how I wish to be sitting in the audiences! love, Jzin

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