The Interview scheduled for today as been postponed until tomorrow in light of the tragedy that has touched so many families today.

My prayers are with every parent and every one who has ever been a child today.

WHAT :: An Interview with Christine Scheier

WHERE :: The Wonder of Childhood, sign up in our blue e mail box below to receive the link for the Interview

WHEN :: Saturday December 15th at 4:00 Eastern, 3:00 Central and 1:00 Pacific time (replay will be available for folks on our e mail list, be sure to subscribe below to get the link)

MORE :: Join me, Lisa Boisvert Mackenzie, as I talk with Christine Schreier of The Puppenstube about handwork  and dolls and what role they play in the growth and development of the child.

We’ll look at the role of the doll in the child’s life, the importance of the doll, explore what type of doll for what age, how many dolls to have, how to care for dolls and why and what role handwork plays in shaping the play and imagination of the child. We’ll visit the subject of gnomes too.

Christine is a Waldorf parent and one who takes Handwork to excellence. She has been working with needle and thread since she was a little girl and for the past thirty years has been bringing to birth dolls, gnomes, nature table figures, finger puppets, bean bags as well as knitted caps, socks, shawls and much more and making them available to parents, teachers and childcare providers at her tables at craft fairs all around the country and on her website, The Puppenstube. You may find her and her works in progress on her FaceBook page here.




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