Hello dear friend of The Wonder of Childhood,

It has been a long period of hibernation and gathering in. Now with the return of the light and warmth, we are rousing from our long winter’s sleep and returning to our keyboards over here in Wonder land.

I’d love to hear from you, of your doings and dreaming and desires, of what you’d like to hear and read about and of what you are doing.

And now for the news from out and about…

Not so long ago, there was a blog post on Stockmar Wax crayons, that looked into the percentage of beeswax used in them and found just ten percent.

Now Stockmar Wax crayons have been called “beeswax” crayons for years in the Waldorf community. The first time I took my son to a Waldorf school for a visit, he was given crayons and paper and told to sniff the crayons, “mmmm,” said the director of admissions, can you smell the sweet beeswax,” she asked. To be honest, I could not and wondered f my sniffing capacities were somehow deficient.

To be fair, Stockmar has not advertised their crayons that blend so well and make beautiful pictures as anything more than what they are. They have willingly responded to questions and been transparent about the composition of the crayons.

Well Eugene Schwartz, longtime Waldorf teacher and speaker and teacher of teachers wastes no time with idle conversation and cuts to the chase by trying out the new Fila Wax crayon beside the Stockmar crayons and the results are well, interesting.

You can see them in the video here.




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